Cutters and Verges

Single Tooth Gear Cutters

Single tooth gear cutters are designed to have much greater efficiency than fly cutters in both setup and cutting while being an economical alternative to the costly multi-tooth cutters. This allows shops to carry a large selection or a complete set of cutters, and they are admirably suited for shops doing a low volume of wheel cutting on a wide variety of clock movements. All single tooth cutters have a 1/4 inch hole diameter and are made of oil hardened tool steel. They can be sharpened back nearly a third of their diameter. They will outlast most of their users!

Price each: $36.50 complete set of 34 cutters $1,241.00

Regular Form

These cutters follow the traditional profiles of European and American clock wheels. They have a square bottom with a longer tooth than modern wheels.

Price: $36.50 .4mm - 1.0mm set of 13 cutters $474.50

Short Form

Short form cutters are used primarily in high load applications. One most often sees them used on barrels and on production grade American movements due to their thin wheel blanks. For many, it is the place to start with gear cutters as short form wheels can be used to replace the deeper tooth forms where the deeper forms cannot be used where short-form applications are necessary.

Price: $36.50 .4mm - 1.0mm set of 13 cutters $474.50

Escape Wheel Cutters

More often than not the escape wheels on antique clocks are damaged as a result of the teeth being too thin and bending or from being too thick and not providing the necessary relief for the accidental over-swing of the pendulum. The escape wheel cutters that we sell are designed to give an optimum compromise between these two extremes. Our recoil and dead-beat cutters cover a wide range of applications from tall clocks to French rounds.

One should note that even though a new escape wheel cutter will not fit all escape wheels perfectly they will still work efficiently and will often help correct the problems mentioned above. Keeping in mind that an escape wheel only sees action on the front tip of the tooth the rest of the profile is important only for clearance, strength and cosmetic appearance.

In order to figure out what cutter you need please consult the chart pertaining to escape wheel cutters in the technical information section of this website.

Price: $36.50 set of 8 cutters (4 recoil,4 deadbeat) $252.00

Form Relieved Multi-Toothed Cutters by P.P. Thornton

P.P. Thornton sets the standard for clock wheel cutters. These cutters are made of M42 (HSS+TE) High-Speed Steel with 8% Cobalt. This superior steel alloy, hardened to 68 Rockwell C, is known for holding an edge. Under proper conditions, up to 500 gears can be cut between sharpening. These cutters are available in the long form, short form, round bottom for modern German wheels, and worm drive wheels. (See Technical Chart for details)

Price: start at $150.00

Custom Verges

Clocks with poorly tuned escapements are, quite frankly, poor runners, and when they do run they more often than not contribute to premature escape wheel wear. This aspect of clock repair is often neglected as escapement work is both technically and physically difficult and few master it. We have developed a technique of making both dead beat and recoil escapements that incorporates traditional formulae with modern technology. The result is a finely tuned escapement with highly polished working surfaces and the hardness of tool steel throughout the entire verge. These new verges are drawn in CAD and cut using EDM technology giving accuracy far beyond what hand cutting and filing can accomplish. This results in proper and healthy amplitude and optimum power from the impulse face. A well-made verge also reduces the amount of drop on the escape wheel to a minimum which results in less wear on the escape wheel teeth and less pitting on the verge. These verges will also be made to match the original in all details so as to preserve the value of your antique clock.

Custom Verges priced by request.

Stock Verges

We also stock verges for some popular mass produced clocks such as the Seth Thomas #2, 5 tube and 9 tube Herschede clocks.

Price: $75.00 each

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